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Brilliant Breast Feeding Mama Saves Baby


I posted this on Facebook and Twitter already but I wanted to talk about it on our website again.  We had a similar experience with Amelia. As she is a twin, I felt it was poignant. She was born second, a minute after Wyatt and she was having respitory trouble. I got to give her a quick kiss while she was still gooey and then got to see her once again bundled up before they wisked her away to the warmers and the nursery.

When she was trying to breathe she was having to work so hard that her tummy was pushing up in a weird way. It was the red flag that was freaking out all the nurses.  All I kept asking was if I could hold her and if I could have her skin to skin. The nurses all thought it was too risky. She stayed in the nursery for 5 hours and was doing alright.

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Best Dadda Ever & We already have the Ultimate Back Yard Makeover Pbbbbbllllllltttt 92.7

Okay, Chad and I love this progressive radio station. Chad listens to it or a podcast on his commute to work.  Thank you to myself for finding it two years ago as it was up and coming during the presidential elections/primaries or something like that.  Anyway, I had totally planned to enter Chad in this exciting Ulitmate Back Yard Makeover contest for Father's day. It was produced by the sunday morning shows Mighty House and Gardening  guys. I love listening to them on the way to church for little tips even though I have yet to use them in planting my garden.

Anyhoo, Chad's backyard did not get entered (hello, twins...five months...three year old...etc).  But now I'm kind of glad.  AND here is why.  If you go to the link PLEASE DON'T VOTE. Unless you truly want to support really stupid home projects dad's have started and never finished.  Here's the link http://www.chicagosprogressivetalk.com/loadit.php?cp_id=1

All of them include unfinished water features (like pools, docks, or a pond). Each of them was trying to build a deck.  And all of these projects involved concrete. Can I just say right now . . . I LOVE MY HUSBAND. For not being a total idiot when it comes to home projects. Yes, he doesn't finish everything. It takes him forever to get one thing done. But he is the only one working . . . this takes up a lot of his time literally and mentally. Thank God he doesn't try to do stupid stuff at home that takes up more time and keeps him away from us.

This is my awesome DnD character for our new game

We're starting a new weekly game for the summer and I decided to base a new character on one of our pets.  She is our cat Diesel.  She is one of the cats that I got when I graduated from NCC and was a hall director at Beloit College. I adopted her along with another cat whom I affectionately named Vin.

So besides basically killing Chad's pet snake when we first moved in together, destroying countless cords for a variety of technology, and never approving of any men that I dated until Chad. . . Diesel is an excellent personality to base DnD character off of.  She is incredible aerial and acrobatic (very rogue-ish) and she has her claws and whips them out at will (also rogue-y). Okay not at will, but you get y meaning.  There are a pleathera of druid things that make her and excellent character as well. So with out further ado . . . here is Dielillah, my Diesel based Razorclaw Shifer Hybrid Druid Rogue! (and her backround story) 

Our kids

Shane spent last night and most of the moring teaching Amelia how to be Baby Iron Man. He take's his play very seriously. He is running all over grammie's house with her excercise ball getting the bad guys. Then checks in with Amelia to make sure that she's using her repulser's and fire powers to get his back. Our three year old son plays and mostly speaks this way. He blows me a way on a regluar basis -- and not just with his preten Iron Man repulsers. He only once bopped Amelia (4.5 month  old baby sister) in the head with the ginormous excercize ball. He felt bad about it too.

Wyatt (our other 4.5 month old) was sleeping most of the morning. But he usually wants to amorously watch his big brother be a super hero all day too. That is, when he's not mushing his face into the ground trying to crawl. Wyatt's super power is brute strength and he's had it since he was born. That, and pure unadulterated passion. The kid feels everything with his whole being. This is why he has to be swaddled twice a day at least in order to nap, other wise he would flail himself off the bed or couch.

Amelia is the baby sister. She's just the most precious and hilarious of the three. If she's awake she's talking...to everyone, to no one, to her stuffed bears. When I say talking, I really mean speaking like a wookie in truest chewbacca form. I have recordings of which I will show a boyfriend at some point in time and I do hope she is always able to make the wookie sound because I cannot no matter how hard I try!

Wyatt & Amelia's Birth Story by Dadda

The twins were both breach so a c-section was scheduled for January 8th at 12pm. Stephanie and the twins had some contrary ideas however.
Stephanie's water broke at 4am and she went into labor. This is rather funny because about 8 hours before Shane was scheduled for induction she did the same thing!

Stephanie was able to labor for a good 4.5 hours. We really enjoyed this as we were able to put all of our great Bradley Method class learning into
practical action! Stephanie was amazing as she relaxed and let the contractions do their work. Needless to say our 12pm c-section became a 9am c-section!

Wyatt Percival Sutton was born at 9:15 am. He was 6 pounds and 5 ounces and 19" long. He had a 9/10 Apgar score. One of the nurses insisted it
should have been a 10, but I was told they never give out tens. In either case. Wyatt was very healthy and of course pee'd all over me as soon as he was able :).

Milk Production info from my favorite breast feeding Doc in Canada

Dr. Jack Newman runs a wonderful breast feeding clinic in Toronto, Canada.  I have even emailed him/his staff with questions from mothers that called me through La Leche League and he/they got back to me within 20 minutes!  This was an interesting email he sent through his newsletter-like mailing.  I really wish more doctors were supportive of mothers breast feeding instead of just handing out formula.  I suppose that might require extra education and time all of which our countries current situation does not afford most established doctors.  Its all about the essembly line getting people in and out quickly often ignoring or missing cues from moms and babies that could make breast feeding and milk production better or even easier.  Maybe we should just move to canada.  (Just kidding)

"I am hearing more and
more often that mothers are being told that if they haven't developed an
adequate milk production by 6 or 8 weeks after birth, that they never
will.  From our clinic experience and the experience of many many mothers,
this is patently untrue. 

Women rufused health insurance as result of cesarean section

REDONDO BEACH, CA, October 15, 2009 – Gretchen Humphries, Advocacy
Director for the International Cesarean Awareness Network accompanied
Peggy Robertson of Centennial, Colorado to a Senate hearing in the
Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee.

Ms. Robertson testified about her experiences with discriminatory
insurance practices based on her history of cesarean. View her
testimony here. Ms. Robertson was featured in a New York Times article in
July 2008 after she was declined insurance due to her previous
cesarean. She was informed by the insurance company that her
application would be accepted if she agreed to be sterilized.

We're switching to a new insurance provider with Chad's new job.  Since I am 6 months pregnat with twins I have been wondering if insurance companies can consider pregnancy a "pre-existing" condition.  I've hear of people having to wait up to a year before they could consider becoming pregnant becasue if they were to become pregnant before that year mark their new employers insurance provider would not cover the pregnancy/birth costs.

Whose House? Shane's House!

So we have our snake's habitat all set up and the bottom pedestal has two doors.  This has become Shane's special place to play.  He calls it his house, which is interesting because when he plays under our family room computer desk that is also his house.  Any little cubby like spot is Shane's house.  I just think it's neat.  He's such a fun kid.

Shane's Imagination

While playing with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker action figures today, Shane yells out in his superhero voice, "By the power of God, the Bishop, and the real Darth Vader!"

I'm pretty sure that the Book of Dicipline of the Unted Methodist Church doesn't spell out a "Darth Vader" position as something someone can be ordinated into, but hey I'm up for it!


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